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Who will hear my plea?!? Why couldn't I pre-order yesterday? 4hrs before launch?

My original order from Gamestop was effe'd up. SO for panic sake I tried to order at Pre-order was still advertised and I tried with my card and my friend tried it with his. I had errors and it wouldn't let me pre-order. SO after numerous tries, time passed.. and I missed my order and can't even play with my homies. I spent all morning twittering and calling gamestop for someone... ANYONE to help me. I spent almost 2 hrs with Gamestop's customer service waiting online. TO only get an outsourced company, I suspect India, to handle this situation. They have no resource to help and in addition hung up on me when I asked for a manager. I called and waited for another 1hr and 20 mins to get someone. After a lengthy conversation, I asked for a supervisor and no supervisor wanted to help me. I finally took to twitter and asked @DeeJ_BNG , @Cozmo23 , @BungieHelp , and @Bungie for help. No answer and no response. I know I am not the only one having issues like this. Please help us. Gamestop screwed us and then Bungie wouldn't even let us buy the pre-order. I am a fan and played Destiny a lot. Now, I don't even want to buy it. I hope someone can help me. I really hope someone can. I have included links to the screen shots I made to show I wasn't fakin' the funk. Sincerely, a desperate Destiny player.



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