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#INFUSION FOR ALL... We can ALL be happy? (Continue Raising Awareness)

So I had been considering doing something like this before. I've continued pushing this point and no matter what the trolls say, I'm not stopping and neither should anyone else who feels the same way. [b]ALL YEAR 1 LEGENDARY AND EXOTIC WEAPONS AND ARMOR SHOULD CONTINUE TO ASCEND.[/b] Kackis on Year 1 Legendaries: Kackis on Year 1 Exotics: There is just simply NO REASON for them not to continue onward going forward. It shouldn't be a decision that is FORCED on anyone. It shouldn't be all about having the new stuff compete with the old but rather designing new innovative weapons that will compliment and go along with what is already available. There is NOTHING WRONG with having MORE OPTIONS AND VARIETY. It adds that level of diversity which the game has been desperately needing since the start. [b]LOOK.[/b] If you are going to design the game around a Loot Driven Experience where the primary reason for people to play the game is to go around grinding for weapons and armor (Vendors/Raids/Iron Banner/POE/etc.) and then a year later decide AGAINST allowing them to continue bringing those things into the newer content? Then you effectively RUIN that first year's worth of experience and make everyone feel as though their time and hard work has been [b]UTTERLY POINTLESS.[/b] Did people have fun playing with others and make friends? Yes. However, its important to remember that [b]YOU CAN GET THAT EXPERIENCE IN ANY ONLINE GAME[/b]. It is by no means exclusive to Destiny in the least and the ONLY reason the vast majority of folks did it at all in this game was for the common goal of getting desired loot. Am I wrong? If every player in the game had instant access to every Legendary and Exotic in the game, how many do you think would have honestly spent as much time as they did in the game? And like I have explained so many times before, telling us that Year 1 Weapons/Armor will still have a place in Year 1 Content means NOTHING. How many people do you really think did Vault of Glass over and over again JUST to get a Fatebringer for the sole purpose of spending the next 10 years using it to keep redoing VOG? No, of course not. They got it like the rest of their weapons so that they could bring everything WITH THEM on their 10 year adventure. That's why people WANTED increased Vault Space because many are collectors or specialists who enjoy having an expansive arsenal at their disposal. And our Year 1 accomplishments aren't found in some emblem or a black shader, but in the weapons and armor that we quested for. As the saying goes; "Become Legend." Our Legend is directly tied to our gear and that includes Year 1, Year 2, 3, 4 and all the way up for as long as Destiny lives. Take that away and what are we? If I wanted a game where I consistently reset my progress all the time, I'd just play Call of Duty with their lame ass Prestige nonsense. Don't we want MORE from Destiny than some cheap COD knockoff? With all that said, I encourage anyone who feels the same or who has posts talking about the same to add #infusionforall to their threads. I've already marked my relevant posts with the new tag. I chose this simply because lets face it, the new Infusion System that Bungie revealed in their first Twitch stream totally just SCREAMS Year 1 Gear Ascension. I honestly believe that allowing players the option to use ANY Legendary to Infuse with another Legendary to boost its damage/defense rating (Regardless of them being from Year 1 or Year 2), is the PERFECT answer to resolve this problem. Same goes for the Exotics too, because even though we've seen what was written in Edge? You're going to be making NEW "Year 2 Versions" of those Year 1 Exotics. They won't be the exact same, meaning its going to be either hit or miss with folks. By all means, I totally advocate the concept making Year 2 Versions of all current Exotics, but players should still be given the option to keep upgrading the original versions as well. That is why I say [b]#INFUSION FOR ALL[/b]... This is an important issue that deserves attention until something is done about it. [i]Truth[/i]. God Bless. [b]EDIT: Add the #infusionforall tag to your post and add it to the listing![/b] [b]EDIT #2: Guys, "Power Creep" honestly isn't that big of a problem. Don't be so quick to jump to this conclusion, its not as if Bungie themselves have given this as an answer. At this point its just others in the community speculating and in all seriousness its an easy fix. [/b]



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