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7/22/2016 9:47:52 AM

Poll for Xur to rotate legendary engrams every week with Y1 weapons

Yes,Xur should rotate every week with engrams that drop Y1 weapons


No,xur shouldn't offer LEG engrams for Y1 weapons


I want Xur to be the kind of NPC that when he comes I'm glad to see him.. Not be "oh he is here,let me press/hold square 200 times to buy heavy ammo". I was thinking about it recently and I came to a recommendation. Xur could come very week with a different type of legendary weapon engram that when bought and decoded,it gives you one of the Y1 weapons that got transferred in TTK...the price should be pretty high about 20 to 25 strange coins,since the original way to get them requires some grind [i](Although that would be GUARANTEED Y1 Drop)[/i],but that could be altered to bungies way of balance. You agree with me on this? If yes pump so we can get their attention and hopefully get xur to be of some use again :)



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