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5/31/2016 1:15:28 AM

What Fellow Progressives And I Fundamentally Disagree On...







I would like to preface my main point by saying I am a left-wing individual on most issues. I support same-sex marriage, I am pro-choice, I support the legalization and decriminalization of all drugs, and I am a populist in nature, being a proud opponent of large businesses like Walmart. This is what fellow progressives and I agree on; the fundamental principles of equal opportunity, social justice and freedom. However, what I see fellow liberals and I debating the most, is the value of all human life; specifically the value of the profoundly disabled. My question to everyone, is.[i] Why do we spend millions of dollars every year to aid individuals that will never actually be a productive member of society? [/i] The people I'm talking about, aren't people with high-functioning learning disabilities or physical limitations. I'm talking about severe mental deficiencies; people, who function at the level of a small child, at best. I don't hate these people by any means, I simply don't get why governments fund these people instead of just [b]giving the families of these people the option[/b] to simply euthanize them. Of course speaking hypothetically, that process would not be taken lightly, and rightly so. We would be dealing with the value of a human life, and this is most likely, the answer to my own question; that morality outweighs prosperity. The ultimate question here, is as follows... [i]Do you personally support the voluntary and optional euthanasia of the mentally disabled?[/i]



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