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12/30/2015 4:23:48 PM

One Guardians Honest Feedback about the State of Year 2 PvE

First off, I want to state that I am not trying to speak for the masses or assume that everyone feels the way I do. I just want to explain my thoughts and start a discussion. Also, I am a PvE player. I don't like PvP even though I'm good at it. I only play PvP for loot that I want for PvE content - Year 1's The Scholar (Adept) and Efrideet's Spear, and year 2's Iron Banner Scout Rifle Colovance's Duty. In case you're wondering, I'm a longtime Destiny fan and have been playing since the beta. I've had more fun raiding in this game than any other game I've ever played. [u][b]Feedback:[/b][/u] In my opinion, the worst thing about the current state of Destiny is the blanket balancing nerfs applied to weapons for the sole purpose of balancing PvP, but which radically remove fun from PvE content. I want PvP to be balanced by all means, but I feel that any balancing tweaks should only affect how a weapon performs in Crucible, NOT everywhere. I had so much fun during House of Wolves when I had great weapons that really made me feel like I had "become legend." I had high-impact Scout Rifles and Sniper Rifles with god rolls. Then we restarted everything with TTK. All progress lost, all great weapons lost and nerfed into the ground. I feel like the Field Scout nerf was the worst. The only reason anyone used Field Scout was for the larger clip size. While I agree that it could be too powerful in PvP, it definitely wasn't in PvE - it didn't matter how many shots you had in the clip against Skolas...that was a tough fight. When weapons have thier damage output nerfed for PvP balance they generally disappear completely from PvE content usage. This is a major problem that I really hoped is addressed in Destiny - perhaps for Destiny 2? I also miss using my old weapons. Why did they have to be left behind? Couldn't I as a gamer be entrusted to make my own decision on what weapons I wanted to use? Couldn't I decide how to best play the game to my personal play style? One last thing...When I do play Crucible the lag is horrendous. Most of your competitors have moved PvP onto dedicated servers and thrown peer-to-peer connections out the window. Please follow suit. [u][b]Proposed solutions:[/b][/u] 1. First do whatever you need to do to make balancing weapon damage for PvP ONLY affect the weapon in Crucible. I understand this is most likely a major overhaul of complicated systems, but also remember when shotguns were buffed 50% in PvE content only. Please make all further nerfs this way (only affect PvP play). 2. Allow us to infuse our year 1 weapons and armor - or at the very least our raid armor and marks/cloaks/bonds from EVERYWHERE. I still feel like the VoG and CE armor was the coolest. I would like the option of infusing them to year 2 levels. Also, I am glad you added the collector's edition mark/cloak/bond from TTK to the list of stuff we can infuse, but why can't I infuse every single mark/cloak/bond in the game to year 2 levels? This would allow me to have greater control over my appearance - which is never a bad thing. 3. Undo the nerfs applied to weapons for PvP balancing for all PvE content. [b]Leave PvP balance in place,[/b] but alter the way the weapons work in PvE so they work the way they used to. This should include perks like Field Scout and damage nerfs like what happened to the Vex Mythoclast. I want to see the Vex work like it used to again in PvE - 60 shots in the clip and a 30% damage increase from where it is now (that is how it worked when VoG launched for those of you who do not know). 4. Nix the peer-to-peer networking in Crucible and upgrade to dedicated servers to remove the lag. I played some Halo 5 multiplayer recently and there was no lag at all. This is how Destiny should be. [b]TL;DR:[/b] Destiny has made some great improvements in the last year (namely TTK's story), but still has some things that should be addressed for Destiny to succeed in the future (hopefully by Destiny 2's launch). I feel that changes should be made to weapons in PvE to undo nerfs for PvP balance (in PvE ONLY) and that we should have more freedom of player choice by way of the ability to infuse year 1 gear - particularly marks/cloaks/bonds and old raid armor to change our appearance.



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