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Thank you Bungie. (genuinely)

Now before I even start I going to say right now that I'm going to take shit left and right for this "thank you" but hey, it's high time someone do it. anyway. Thank you, I'm one who was here since beta (even so far back in the halo days when the halo series was good), read all the articles, explored all the things, and been active on the forums. I've seen this game grow and expand and become so much more than when I played that beta, saw things like "That wizard came from the moon!" become the trendy funny thing. Now I wish I could understand why some of these people think this game got worse, but I made a theory on how that may be. Feel free to read: [url][/url] But anyway, once the game came out I did get ticked but I got over it pretty fast because the game as it was, was still really good and the game play and graphics were just right. When The Dark Below came out and word in the air about the house of wolves in the future, I could see the improvements coming (Though really didn't think TDB was worth $20) but hey I won't complain because I didn't buy it until it went on sale. When house of wolves came out I was super excited when I heard about the arena in place of the raid (which really I didn't care about because I liked the idea of taking the place of a gladiator as a guardian and with arena armor and weapons fairly easy to get.) 7 different bosses and 4 mini bosses sounds good, and the ability to bring my old set of Kabr armor from the dust. Loved house of wolves. Then came TTK. For me and my bud it was like a bullet out of the blue when the trailer came out. I saw all the things coming and I figured this would be fantastic, which it was. Quests, secrets, missions, weapons, foundries, was really excited about swords. TTK had a ton of new stuff, improved everything that was destiny. (How much you wanna bet that comment is gonna generate 50+ angry replies) TTK was massive, made other viable options beside thorn and last word with party crasher and felwinter with blink. Gave us third sub-classes, huge raid, nifty new gear, the list goes on and on. Really something great. I talk with people while playing the game and they agree, But you come to the forums all of a sudden it's like the complaints never end, "Nerf this, nerf that, so on" This game is great, it keeps getting better. will people ever stop whining, probably not. Will they all ever be satisfied, nope. Will we ever understand, who knows. I like this game, it's unique and took a step away from the gaming singularity, (which these newer games are so very blindly running towards) still got mass effect Andromeda to look forward to, and till the end of year 10 to play. And it's worth a thank you for the guff you have to put up with from us and still be able to make this game better, constantly checking, adding, fixing, and allowing us to help create along the way. Cheers to you my lads, and don't stop making what you make. Now if you excuse me I've probably got a bunch of damage control to take care of down below or maybe I'll find that there's a bunch of people who agree, one way or another, into the fray. [spoiler] ~a wild gringo has appeared a normal shank floated in Taniks is here, and still doesn't have house. This thread picked up a spartan laser. Valus Walrus has come, bearing great knowledge. A spooky reaper *frightens the thread*.[/spoiler]



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