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Proposal for New Title System

There's been some discussion regarding this in Mythic Members. For the moment at least, it seems like the old trust-based system isn't coming back. While I won't reproduce the specifics of the discussion (not sure if everyone involved would be okay with that), it seems that Mythics will only be denoted by their membership in the private group, and future memberships will be left to the discretion of the administrators. While that is all still up in the air at the moment, there's been no discussion about any form of title bars coming back. What I propose is that instead of a trust-based title system, we (like many other features of adopt a system that reflects user preferences. [b]Voluntary Title System Proposal[/b] Instead of awarding titles based on an automated system, titles will be chosen by the user from a list options. Possible Options Include: -Group Membership -Destiny Faction Membership -Destiny Ranks (or other content eventually) In this system, if you were a member of a group, you could choose to have that group's name displayed next to your name, similar to how "Ninja" or "Bungie" is displayed now. This would have several benefits -Members of groups based on the old title system could effectively get their title back (this was the original basis for the idea, but the utility for other things is why I'm posting it here) -Other groups could display their affiliation publically in a non-intrusive way -New members (that are into Destiny but not yet the community) would still have a use for this feature via the display of rank. This system would allow members to display what memberships and accomplishments [I]they[/I] value most, instead of what some arbitrary trust system thinks of them. In addition, the public display of group membership may encourage some groups to promote good behavior, so as to avoid the group being associated with negative elements (yes, some groups will desire the opposite, but it's already like that now). Anyways, that's my proposal for moving past the old system, and into the future of our community. Thanks for reading, Silentone2 Member since 1/16/2005 First-Gen Mythic



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