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6/1/2015 5:38:47 PM

Infinite Meele energy.

I discovered a bug wich results in basically infinite Meele energy. To reproduce it follow theese steps: 1. Play Warlock (i played Sunsinger) 2. Get in range for a Meele Attack, but stay far enough from the enemy so your Meele will not "lock on" the target, but still hit it. 3. Meele! 4. If you did the above right, you will inflict On hit effects like Sunsingers Burn and you will get your shield, without losing Meele energy. (But you don´t deal Meele damage, you just get all the effects) Notes: - This was discovered in Crucible - with a little bit of Practice you can reproduce this on the fly during Crucible. - It seems like it only works with Warlocks Meele Skills used: -Solar Grenade - Balance Glide - Fireborn -Flameshield -Arcane Wisdom -The thing wich makes enemys burn longer (lol) -The first off this tree (don´t know the english name ) x) -flame touch whatsoever No special armour used.



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