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Alphabetical proof the SUNBREAKER IS NOT OP

Or, how destiny moves scrubs to write bad rhyming verse. EDIT: Removed the contraction it's. Added its. EDIT 2: Jalaal fail fix. [b]A[/b] is for Atheon, the first and the best, [b]B[/b] is a bladedancing, terminal pest. [b]C[/b] is for Clip some say Magazine, [b]D[/b] is for Dinklage, nowhere to be seen. [b]E[/b] is for Echo, of Oryx no less, [b]F[/b] for Fatebringer, the cause of much stress. [b]G[/b] is for Gorgons who cannot look up, [b]H[/b] is for Hammers that rain thup, thup, thup. [b]I[/b] is Infusion, a brand new mechanic, [b]J[/b] for Jalaal, a name that’s Arabic. [b]K[/b] is for Krill, the source of the Hive, [b]L[/b] is for Lighthouse, if you survive. [b]M[/b] is for Minotaur, an unwelcome guest, [b]N[/b] is for Nightfall. Exotics? You jest. [b]O[/b] is for Ogres, we meet them a lot, [b]P[/b] is P-sion, or probably not. [b]Q[/b] is for Quiver, both cause and effect, [b]R[/b] is for Randall, the raid boss elect. [b]S[/b] is for Stranger, no time to explain, [b]T[/b] is for Thorn, the Crucible’s bane. [b]U[/b] is for Urzok, that pain in the arse, [b]V[/b] for Voidwalker, the true master class. [b]W[/b] is Wipe, again and again. [b]X[/b] is for Xylar, and searching in vain. [b]Y[/b] is for Gjallarhorn, undone by its makers, [b]Z[/b] is Zavala, blame him for Sunbreakers.



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