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10/18/2015 6:44:55 PM

Vanishing Engrams, anyone?

Just did a Lv41 Strike with some randoms so I could take a break from IB... used a Three of Coins on account of there always being an Ultra in the Lv41 Strikes. Ended up Being Valus Ta'aurc, with the Taken Gate Lord instead of the tank. Taken Gate Lord is an Ultra. Sure enough, shiny yellow engram pops out after we wreck it. I look around, pick up ammo and such... Exotic Engram vanishes. "No problem.", I say. "It'll be at the postmaster." I rationalize. Finished the strike. Went back to tower. Nothing. Not sure what the hell happened to my Exotic Engram, but I am less than pleased about it going missing.



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