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Motivating Exclusive PvE Reward for Hardcore Players (Year 1 and Beyond)

Fun Idea, Keeps Destiny Fresh.


Nah, That Wouldn't Make me Happy.


[b]TL;DR -[/b] Grant a special reward that only applies to PvE content for players who get all of the new grimoire points added in a new expansion. Resets every new expansion. Doesn't affect Crucible. I just got an idea that I think will honor player investment and motivate the playerbase to continue playing after completing all of the new content in an expansion. Here's what I propose: [b]Grant a hidden weapon perk that applies to all weapons in PvE content for players who have acquired all the grimoire points for the current expansion.*[/b] This way it doesn't affect the Crucible at all and the perks are disabled at the start of every new expansion because new grimoire points are added. This way players wouldn't need the max grimoire score, just all of the new grimoire points added for the new expansion. So, typically this hidden reward would only apply for about the second half of an expansion (only after players complete all of the grimoire for the new expansion). For instance I feel like [b]Outlaw[/b] or [b]Field Scout[/b] would be great options for this kind of reward - both increase the amount of damage you can inflict over long periods of time, but neither increases the amount of damage you can inflict per shot. *If it is too hard to integrate a hidden perk that applies to every weapon, then a small damage boost would also be a great alternative. It should still be acquired the same way and only apply to PvE, but instead of granting a weapon perk have it grant a 10-15% damage boost (about half as much as a Defender Titan's Weapons of Light Ward of Dawn). This would give players incentive and motivation to complete all the new grimoire challenges and also would honor players who have put the time in and acquired the grimoire max for each expansion. This way the reward wouldn't be a game changer (not OP), but would make PvE content slightly easier for you after already completing it multiple times (a new grimoire card could be introduced like complete the new raid 15 times). Also, a visible character effect could be used for this similar to the current Nightfall flames - perhaps burning gauntlets? Let me know what you guys think in the comments. [b]EDIT - If you don't like the idea please leave a comment why.[/b]



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