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ALL ABOUT EXOTICS...??? The Curious Cat is Curious! (FIXED IT, sorry about that XD )

(LOL! Each time I went to do a new post it kept putting it in "All Topics" O_o ) Hmm... So yeah, as per usual you know my posts are mostly geared towards Bungie cause obviously this is their feedback forum. That being the case I always encourage Cozmo, DeeJ and or anyone else with Bungie to converse with me in discussions. Like always you can expect to have a civil chat with me about the things that I'm talking about here or addressing. This time, I wanted to draw attention to a matter myself and a few others have been contemplating since all this Twitch stream business took place. I can't help but notice that this new #saveourexotics movement has been in full swing and it seems people keep posting it in just about every thread on here. Its been gaining momentum, that much is true. And in its wake, it seems that its been pushing down all the complaints regarding the fact that our Year 1 Legendary Weapons and Armor and how people aren't happy about that. People WERE mostly pushing just for the Legendaries, and then the twitch stream happened and now its all about the Exotics. Case in point, the 12/04/2014 update that people keep referencing about what DeeJ said: I see no reason to quote the reference itself, I'm sure we have all seen it copy/pasted plenty enough as is. And I think it best to provide the actual link itself so anyone who reads this can simply see the update in question and read for themselves that DeeJ was in fact NOT actually talking specifically about the Exotics but about ALL our gear that we worked hard for. However, we see people taking that and making it all about the Exotics. More often than not, these are far and wide the people who weren't giving a damn about the plight the rest of us were dealing with in regards to our Year 1 Legendaries. A number of them are those who were actually trolling anyone who dared to complain about a lack of continued Gear Ascension for Year 1 content, which I've pointed out elsewhere. Nevermind the fact that if all of them had been more in favor of said continued Gear Ascension like the rest of us from the get go, their precious Exotics wouldn't be getting touched anyways in the first place. (I'm not going to list names, though. For anyone reading this, you already know which category you fall into) That all having been said, I feel the need to ask this question and I would be interested in hearing an actual answer from Bungie about this. [b]Was this the plan from the beginning?[/b] Basically, I'm asking if Bungie was always intent on having all the Exotics continue to move forward into Year 2, just like they did for Dark Below? The reason I feel the need to ask this is because of what I've been seeing going on as of late. And not just on here, either. Youtubers, journalists and other media outlets have been pushing this point as well and giving coverage on the matter but they all seem to have one glaring aspect in common with one another. They are all talking about JUST the Exotics and completely ignoring the point of what's happening to the Legendaries. Could it be that the Exotics were purposefully held back to get the attention taken off of the Legendaries, and then before the release of TTK reveal that all the Exotics are in fact going to be brought forward so that everyone then gets all happy and forgives the entire ordeal? When people flew into an outrage about the price for TTK and then the interview with Luke Smith brought the situation to a breaking point, an apology was issued in the form of offering players the ability to spend additional money, an extra $20, just to get the new emotes. Bare in mind, the original complaint that had everyone angry in the first place was that Year 1 Veterans were getting next to nothing for having already invested $100 into the franchise, while new players will be having access to all the new and past content for a standard $60 price tag. So in truth, that added deal for Year 1 players to spend even more money on the game was by no means considered an appropriate response. And yet, despite that? It seems next to no one talks about it anymore. In fact, major youtubers who were originally being critical about the fiasco were actually saying "good job" and acting like the players actually achieved some major victory, when in all seriousness anyone with common sense could see how hollow that victory truly was. But of course, the big takeaway from it is that "[i]it worked[/i]" to appease the majority. And I find this troubling... Because it is evidence that this community can, apparently, very easily be manipulated by given some sort of reward even if it has little to no real value. So I need to assume a worse case scenario here. If Exotics were purposefully held back to create all this controversy and media exposure for Destiny, all so that it could be used as some big publicity stunt by later, before the release of TTK to put those Exotics back in as some big thing to make the players feel indebted? Where does that leave the issue concerning Year 1 Legendaries? Is Destiny all about the Exotics? Was the time people spent grinding Strikes for Vanguard Marks to purchase Legendary gear from the vendors nothing more than a giant waste? Were we idiots for spending countless hours redoing Vault of Glass and Crota's End over and over again to get those Raid Legendaries like the Fatebringer or Word of Crota? Was it a fruitless endeavor for people to purchase House of Wolves and play Prison of Elders all for the purpose of getting Etheric Light? And what about the Trials of Osiris gear? Cozmo. DeeJ. Luke Smith. Bungie in general... I would like to know the answer to this. I'm not throwing hate at you, I'm not looking to start a fight, cuss or even cause any problems. I would just like a straight up response to this question so that I can know, right now, what to expect going forward with Destiny and if its worth it for myself or my friends to consider putting anymore time and energy into it. Is this game really all about the Exotics? Should people only focus on getting the Exotics and not care about anything that is classified as Legendary? Should people only be thinking about going after the Exotics for their collections despite only being able to have one equipped at any given time? For anyone else who happens to read this and is also curious to know the answer, please feel free to Like and leave a comment. Thank you.



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