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Destiny - What Almost Was (2013)

Preface edit: I want to edit this and start by saying I LOVE THIS GAME! I spend 2+ hours in the world, every day almost, helping my friends and family reach their Destiny goals. I also frequently check the Help forums to guide players on their journey to become legend. I followed the development of this game very closely. I'd check IGN, Game Informer, Gamespot, Kotaku, etc..every day, multiple times a day looking for any little detail I could find. I was obsessed, and drooling at the mouth to learn more. Videos such as these had an undeniable magic to them. As many people have pointed out, not much changed....but the magic is undeniably absent in the final product. Before you point out that this demo is very similar to the final product, keep in mind that I know this. There's this unexplainable magic in these Vidocs. There are also a lot of things that developers said during these videos that just aren't true. Original post follows.... About once every 4 months I watch this video. During its development, Destiny was shaping up to be a lot better than it was and still is. I love this game. I just don't want people, or Bungie, to forget how epic this game was turning out. Maybe someday it'll more closely resemble what they were shooting for. The public event madness, the ginormous "playable space", exotics dropping from mini-bosses, ships blasting by to drop off their Guardians....there is so much in this video that makes me wish Bungie would have spent more time developing the game. Oh well. Here you go Guardians, enjoy what was almost and here's to hoping for the future of our game. Ceecko shared this video as well regarding "playable terrain":



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