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9/4/2015 3:42:19 PM

A plead to Bungie to make two easy decisions...

Bungie should implement endgame matchmaking


Bungie should implement infusion for all


Bungie should implement both


Bungie should add neither


I am undecided


I don't care


Hello Community, [b][i][u]If you like this post, don't just vote, Bump/Comment so this post can be seen![/u][/i][/b] Destiny has a multitude of problems, most of which we overlook because we know not every game can be perfect. But there is two [i]major[/i] issues we have with the game, one involving the new DLC, that we can't and haven't overlooked. The worst part of it, these two problems have very simple solutions that Bungie have seemingly ignored. Problem #1: [i][u][b]People can't find teams quickly.[/b][/u][/i] We all have been through the the 30 minute process of getting a team via #recruitment, LFG sites and other third party outlets. This is simply unacceptable. How can one be forced to get 5 or 2 other players to complete an activity but you don't provide a way to get them. Simple solution: Matchmaking for everything. What this solution does: It reduces the time spent getting a team and more time actually playing the game, the thing you paid for. Problem #2: [b][i][u]TTK removes as much content as it adds.[/u][/i][/b] Arguably the bigger of the two problems, it is a real issue. I cannot argue that TTK adds a host of content, many of which I will enjoy. [i]However[/i], by making other activities worthless, it removes a total of 3 endgame activities for 1. When TTK drops, there will be no reason to play either of the three endgame activities and also [b]making our current legendaries and some exotics worthless.[/b] What is the purpose of this? If you want us to like your game, you'll let us choose how we want to play it by not locking off weapons/gear we might want to use in an activity. Simple solution: Add infusion [b]for all legendary gear and weapons[/b] and bringing all exotics to Year 2 as soon as possible. What this does: It gives Destiny [i]four maybe five[/i] viable endgame activities as opposed to one or two. It also makes the majority of players happy by not forcing them to dismantle their favorite weapons for the simple fact that they aren't very useable in the new content. In addition, it shows respect for the time we year one players spent doing these activities for a year.



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