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9/3/2015 1:10:57 AM

" Wow that is some cool gear......

... Would Be a shame if an update made it worthless" So I have played destiny since midnight day one I have seen good I have seen bad but i have had lots of fun with this game. Every time they update I'm excited to go looking for the new loot.... but that dose not mean I want to throw away all my stuff every time. I spent tons of time trying to get the gear I like the stuff I think is cool. For example house of wolves added the [armory]Hood of the Exile[/armory] a piece of armor I think is bad ass beyond reason. I love the way it looks, and lets not forget the glory of a full raid set of armor. With taken King even though I love my gear its not going to be able to do the job. I don't mind putting in work to bring it to the next level that's just part of the game, but don't make me throw it away! this is the way I want my charter to look! there are plenty of posts pointing out the loss of our guns of choice but I want to point out the loss of are charters feel. I'm certain that everyone reading this (GAME DEVS INCLUDED) has the armor piece they love that they think fits there charter that's now so much green/blue trash. So now when take king comes out I'm going to have to work my ass off for gear that dose not fit [b]my[/b] image of [b]my[/b] guardian. Now I have done a lot of complaining in this post this isn't to say i'm not looking forward to things in the new update the new gun designs look top notch and the content looks great i'm just seeing it threw a gray haze that is the loss of stuff that I love.



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