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Stop telling me to "move on" from my guns, please. (10 months later, STILL no response from Bungie)

Update- After [b]months[/b] of Bungie decidedly ignoring this issue, and this topic [i]specifically[/i], I completely stopped posting almost 2 months ago. However, I still feel like I can't let this discussion fade, just yet, given it's obvious effects on [i]future[/i] Destiny games. Everything I felt when writing this so many months ago STILL matters to me- despite the fact that I quit the game 6 months ago... So, I'm pretty sure it's still worth discussing. :P [quote]Bungie Weekly Update 12/04/2014: "In the months to come, your quest to become more powerful will have more avenues that lead to satisfaction. [b][u]The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete.[/u][/b] Since the reveal, we’ve read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: [b][u]The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected[/u][/b]."[/quote] [quote](From Tyson Green via the 8-19 TTK stream, on the topic of Infusion) We're really trying to deliver on people being able to find things that they're excited about and keep them and customize their character[/quote] This isn't just about Bungie making design choices that harm the player; it's about them doing it [i]twice[/i], after explicitly stating they wouldn't do it [i]again[/i]. On top of that, it even goes against their own, outspoken design goals [i]for[/i] TTK, which is absurd. ______________________ (TL;DR at the end) Disclaimer! [spoiler]I'm very excited to acquire [i]new[/i] gear in TTK, and I'm in no way trying to discourage players from "moving on" to new gear. All I'm trying to argue is that players should have the [i][u]option[/u][/i] to do so, on [i]their[/i] terms. With that said...[/spoiler] I keep seeing arguments in [i]favor[/i] of Bungie's decision to phase out Year 1 weapons, generally based on people's experiences in games of the MMO variety. Now, I understand that from a purely MMO background, players don't see any issue with leaving old gear behind in favor of new, better gear, because that's how MMOs operate. However, Destiny is [i]not[/i] an MMO (at least from a combat perspective, which is what I'm basing my arguments on), and shouldn't be treated as such for a number of reasons. Main point-[quote]1. Weapons in Destiny have a [i]much[/i] more direct impact on player experience. Weapons in MMOs are little more than "stat sticks," with virtually no impact on gameplay other than increasing a player's DPS abilities; point, click, repeat. Destiny, on the other hand, is an FPS, and as such, choosing a weapon is infinitely more personal and important to players. Even if you only like [i]one[/i] class of weapon, there's still a ton of options to sort through; impact, fire rate, stability, perk set- even the [i]aesthetics[/i] of a weapon play a part in the overall [i]feel[/i] of a weapon. As such, it's a pretty shallow argument to tell players like me to "get used to it" when weapons become obsolete because "that's how MMOs work." This isn't an MMO, and my gun of choice is way more important to my experience than any DPS "stat stick" could ever be (sentimental value notwithstanding, of course).[/quote] Secondary point-[quote]2. Destiny's expansions have a bad habit of [i]replacing[/i] content, not [i]adding[/i]. And they happen MUCH more frequently than any MMO expansion; each new DLC essentially removes old gear from the game, replacing it with "better" gear [u]across the board[/u]. Why the hell should I pay for new gear that will be outdated in [i]a few months[/i]?! I payed for it, I grinded for it, I upgraded it, and I [i]kept it[/i]. This game is built on grinding for gear, and I've accepted that! But why would any sane gamer continue to grind if their efforts are [i]consistently[/i] invalidated? What's the point? Especially after the 2.0 patch effectively [i]already balanced Y1 gear to exist alongside Y2 gear in PvP.[/i] If the gear is "balanced" enough for PvP, than any claims the "Y1 gear is too powerful" are null and void, and PvE players are getting pissed on for no reason. Everything has been primed and readied to be included into the Y2 ecosystem, yet it's still left behind. The only reason this didn't bother me as much up to this point was because my old gear stayed useful, and became special because of its decreased availability; proof that I was here from the beginning. The idea of playing 'Destiny 3,' and still being able to pull out my Vanilla weapons in future battles is an [i]awesome[/i] prospect. It would give weight to all the adventures I've been on, all the awesome feats I've accomplished, and continually validate and distinguish all my efforts to [i]become legend[/i], as they say. :P[/quote] EDIT- I didn't touch on this in my initial post, and I absolutely should have; [quote]3. Most [i]console[/i] games don't go through major overhauls, because new mechanics and balance choices tend to get implemented in [i]sequels[/i]. An "expansion" in WoW is essentially the MMO equivalent of a [i]sequel[/i], not just an add-on. There is no "WoW 2," because Blizzard's "10 year plan" for the game was intended to exist in a single game economy for its entire lifespan. Because of that, it makes more sense for its expansions to overhaul the game in more impactful ways, because they take the place of proper sequels. "Destiny: The Taken King" is [i]not[/i] "Destiny 2." As big as it might be, it's still an add-on to Destiny "1," as it were, and I think people should view it as such. If Bungie wants to reset the entire game, and start from scratch, [i]so be it[/i], but they should do that [i]in the next game[/i].[/quote] TL;DR: 1. Destiny's weapons are [i]infinitely[/i] more meaningful to players than any MMO weapons could ever hope to be, in that they actually have a direct impact on how they play the game; they're more than just stat-increases. 2. And, seeing as how Bungie choses to remove old gear from the loot table with every DLC, thus shrinking gear options, the [i]only[/i] way to keep any sort of gear diversity in Destiny, as well as validate all the effort player's put into the game, would be to bring old gear forward, [i]period[/i]. ESPECIALLY considering that the 2.0 patch [i]already[/i] re-balanced Y1 gear to better match Y2 effectiveness, so what's the hold up? If it's "balanced" enough for PvP, then it's sure as Hell balanced enough for PvE! 3. "Expansions" in MMORPGs typically take the place of traditional [i]sequels[/i], which makes it more understandable that they would bring major overhauls to the game; TTK is definitely an [i]add-on[/i], not a sequel. Destiny [i]will[/i] have a proper [i]sequel[/i] in the future (confirmed in production), and if Bungie is determined to completely level the playing field for gear, that's fine, but they should do that [i]in the sequel[/i].



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