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由LordKelpyG編輯: 7/29/2015 4:04:41 PM

About Nerfs..

This community is becoming shit. I've been here since week one of the game and i have seen plenty of nerfs and buffs to weapons but now this is getting pathetic. Right after all the whiners get their weapon nerfs they go on to bitch even more about CLASSES and ARMOR being overpowered and need a nerf. Example: Bungie plz nerf warlocks grenade 2 ovrpowrd meele do to much damage Scorch Meele: It can ONLY be a one hit kill if radiance is active. Firebolt Grenade: You can never be one shot with this one even with Viking funeral. People over exaggerate with this grenade a lot. Like holy shit. All these people want to do is see everything burn. WE DO NOT NEED ARMOR NERFED NEITHER DO WE NEED A CLASS NERFED. [spoiler]Nerf or nothing[/spoiler]



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