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由Andy編輯: 6/26/2015 2:52:41 PM

Six Dreg Pride II broken?

So I recently upgraded my Six Dreg Pride II just to see how the final perk worked. The final perk is that the gun may have a chance to stun fallen captains and I was horrified to see that out of 10 fallen captains that I killed in a row it only stunned one for about 3-4 seconds. honestly what is the use of the perk if it almost never stuns them and when it does only does so for 3 seconds? The abyss defiant has a similar perk for hive wizards but it is much more consistent and can be really helpful in hard missions. I was really hoping that this would help me out on skolas but now it just seems lke another wasted perk just there for show. Has anyone else had this problem? Bungie please adjust the stun rate for the Six Dreg Pride II as well as the duration of the stun. Thank You



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