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Bungie - Queen's Favor 7th Bounty

Bungie, First off let me say thank you for the new content. I'm a daily player, and new activities are always welcome. The most recent addition to the daily activities was Queen's Wrath. I loved hunting the wolves and claiming their treasure. This was all for nothing, however, as I will receive no reward, faction XP aside, for completing all 6 bounties across my 3 characters. This is thanks to a poorly implemented bounty system that requires you to (apparently) log in on Monday to accept a 7th bounty that invites you to the Reef to claim your bigger reward. I'm confused. Why would you expect players to read the developer's minds and log in to visit a vendor who's bounties you already completed? I'm upset. I spent almost two days hunting the wolves across my 3 characters. Why wouldn't you just have Petra give us the 7th bounty in return for completing and submitting the 6th? This blows my mind and leaves me feeling a bit numb. I'm not satisfied with the outcome. You really should do what is right, Bungie. Admit this was a mistake, a misstep, and a learning point for your team. You simply cannot expect your player base to log in and check every vendor, every day, just in case you failed to mention how the bounty system will work. For those reading, if you did Queen's Wrath before and this was how it worked, that is fine. For those of us who did not partake the first time around, how were we to know we had to log in Monday to accept a 7th bounty when all other bounties were: 1. visible from the start 2. did not reset once during the week 3. disappeared from the list upon completion What other event in the game has any sort of Monday reset or late addition? The answer is [u]none[/u]. Bungie, make this right. You have been working hard to improve our game, but every now and again we all make mistakes. Please admit this one so that we know there will be a change moving forward. This is essentially like not giving athletes their trophy unless they show up the day before the awards ceremony. As ridiculous as that sounds, it is fitting. Thanks for your time, A concerned guardian. Edits: I'm also seeing posts saying the 7th bounty was not available all day Monday, meaning there was even less time to see and accept the 7th bounty. This is a horrible disservice to the players. I'm also being told there was no flashing green icon above her head, which we would have noticed and gone over to her. I personally played 4-5 hours on Monday and would have gone over to clear the icon.



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