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Let's Play "Never Have I Ever"

I won the game fair and square


I lost, so now I have to drink...


Rules are simple. You'll put up 5-fingers. Then, you'll read a list of events I've typed by random. If they've happened to you once, twice, or even more, you'll put one finger down. If you still have any finger(s) up, you win the game. If you put down all of your fingers, you lose the game. The losers would have to drink (choose any beverage, or a beer if you want 'cause this is a drinking game). When you're done reading this, you can choose if you want to play or not, but don't comment it. If you want to play, then put up 5-fingers, and read the list below you... Note: Pretend these sentences are about you, not me. Correction: Turns out there's two variations of the game: The 5-fingered game, and the 10-fingered game. If you prefer to play the 10-fingered way, then notify you did on your reply if you've won. [b][i]-=BEGINNING OF LIST=-[/i][/b] Never Have I ever... - Tried to fit in at school (any grade) - Lied about how my mother's/father's dinner was delicious - Made a joke that got out of hand - Bullied anyone - Listened to music while doing an activity - Argued with someone that didn't mean to start an argument - Had a fandom on anything (including, but not limited to: ponies, anime-characters, game-characters, animals of any type, etc.) - Role-played with a someone else (IRL, or on the internet) - Used a device while using a charger - Been afraid of a certain room in my house - Masturbated in someone else's house - Walked in on my parents...(you know what I mean) - Bought a game you rarely play anymore - Own a console you opposed on the internet - Looked online to find out any easter eggs on a game - Talked sh-t about someone else's opinion - Been excited for a Moderator, or a member of Bungie to comment on your comment - Got told by your mother/father - Posted anything negative about Halo - Posted anything negative about Destiny [b][i]-=END OF LIST=-[/i][/b] If you've won, post the number of fingers you had remaining. If you've lost, you know what to do...



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