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Introduce yourself to the Queen

Since we are gonna be joyriding and vandalizing the reef with bullets, it is appropriate to salute the big cheese of the realm: The Awoken Queen. We may have interacted with her and her bro before, but now that we have better armor and skills and have been allowed to roam freely upon her domain, it is time for a more formal introduction (or not). So Guardians, how will you address Her Royal Highness, the Queen of the Awoken, the First of Her name, Tamer of the Fallen, Ruler and Protector of the Reef and her people? Will you flatter her? Will you prostate yourself and bow your allegiance to her? Will you be witty, crack some jokes and gain the ire of her brother? Or will you slap that Awoken behind and become legend? Post what you would say (and do) in the comments! I would personally exchange salutations with her and her court, bend the knee and ask her for a reward upon completion of the main quest: Me: Your Highness, I will deal with the Fallen for you Queen: I expect you to do your best Guardian, failure will not be tolerated Me: If it wouldn't be much to ask, may I have a reward from your grace when I finish my task? Queen's Brother: you dare to..! Queen: silence. This one has the courage to voice his desire, we admire it. speak. Me: Well, I have seen your grace wear those high heels around, so I would love for her highness to trample me with those while reprimanding me with your lovely passive aggressive voice *An awkward silence descends upon the room* Queen: ........ we will consider it And that kids is how I met your mother/became legend/got thrown out the airlock.



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