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HoW Guardian Limit Increase

We were never promised a raid in the HoW expansion. Most of us have accepted that the new DLC we paid for will only include new story, Crucible, and Survival Mode content. I can deal with that. Most of us can. What I simply can't accept is that there won't be any new 6 player content until September. I have spent the last half year making friends within the community and building a team in preparation for the new expansion. I know I'm not alone here. Limiting ALL of the new PvE content to 3 players is the worst thing I can imagine for the expansion. I understand the game has been out for almost a year and 3 player content has become the norm. It seems that in your attempt to make Destiny stand aside from Halo you altered a formula that simply did not need altering. Four players is a staple in the video game industry, there's no need to change this. There just isn't. Please Bungie, for the love of gaming...for the sanctity of your the name of the Traveler and all that is Destiny...don't make us choose only two of our friends to experience the new content with! Even expanding it to 4 players would be an incredible upgrade over what has been announced. I can't tell you how many times since launch there has been one sad relative or friend sitting in party chat just hoping he/she gets a chance to join us in something OTHER than two or three matches of Control. Let's strive for a better Destiny, Bungie. We all want it and will continue to share our ideas if you continue to listen to them. To the community: If you agree, bump this thread. Please feel free to expand upon the concept Guardians. Also, feel free to flame if you will. I will do my best to make constructive conversation out of it.



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