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When playing with female players

I find it very fun and exciting when playing with female players. I know, what guy doesn't right? The thing is that, in my personal experience, when playing with my buddies, or my boys, we create a certain atmosphere. When a female player comes in the picture, most of us don't know how to react to the situation. I personally really don't like cursing, or using bad language with any girl. It makes me feel like I have no class when I do, but yet I find it hilarious when guys try to stand out in the party by cussing, and being extra dramatic when a girl is in the game. Most of us men might know how to speak with women outside of gaming, but when it comes to chatting with them online, or in a party chat inside the gaming world, we seem to not be able to handle it. I still haven't found the solution to this problem, but maybe posting something on the subject may get us a step closer to finding this solution. [b]The problem[/b] Female players complain on how male players harass, annoy, and bug the hell out of them as soon as they find out that they're a girl. Sending mass 'friend requests', 'messages', and 'party invites' do not make female players intrigued to play with us. Overall most men would love to play games with female players every other night if they could. But honestly, most male players simply do not know how to respond to the female players who we find playing our favorite game. [b]Why are guys so thirsty online?[/b] I do have female gamers which who i play with occasionally, yet I wish I had more female players to play with. When playing with girl gamers, conversations take different turns, and different topics come up, oppose to when playing with your buddies. This is one of the reasons why male players are so excited to have a female player in their friends list. Perhaps some guys play more games than socialize outside of their rooms. Whether this is true or not, what guy doesn't dream of a hot, sexy girl who enjoys the same things as we do? So what better place to find this sexy woman over a match online? [b]The truth[/b] The truth is simple. The world isn't a fairytale, so if you are hoping to find this perfect partner over a match most likely wont happen. Yet I don't see a reason to not send a friend request to a female player, nor I find a reason for any girl to get upset. Why is it still a surprise when female players get requested by guys? We don't know, but hopefully times will change to where gamers overall become more friendly, and the number of females in the gaming world are equal to those for males. [b]Any suggestions?[/b] The only clue to the solution for this problem is more female players. Guys still dominate the numbers game in the world of gaming, so perhaps by equaling the number of female players, this might quench the thirst for most of these guys. Thank you for taking the time and reading this, this is my very first post. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment, and for any suggestions that could help find the solution to this problem, feel free to leave your comments here as well. Take care ladies, and gentlemen. have a great weekend.



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