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Vets - Do You Like Light Level?

Leveling Should Remain Light Level Based


Leveling Should Be Switched To Traditional XP Grind


Other (Please Explain)


I Don't Care (I have Gjallahorn)


I personally would like the leveling system to switch to a more traditional XP grind. While I hate the word "grind" and the tasks generally associated with it, I'd love to be able to wear whatever armor I want and remain my current level. Honestly, I'm exhausted of seeing all my fellow Warlocks looking the same. Crota raid gear, Light Beyond Nemesis/Apotheosis Veil, Glowhoo....yes, there are unique players out there but the majority of us look roughly the same. Where's our individuality in this game? Let's help build a better Destiny. Edit 1: Someone mentioned Cosmetic Armor. I think this is brilliant. Anyone else find this idea cool? (I think they did this in Star Wars Galaxies) Edit 2: Someone mentioned using Motes of Light to increase the light level of older gear. I really like this idea too! I have over 200 Motes that I'd love to put on my old VoG gear. They should be permanently attached, and if you dismantle the item you could maybe get 3/4 of then back. What do you guys/gals think? Edit 3: Wow guys this thread has really become something! There's so many good ideas in here. Let's hope Bungie is listening. Keep the ideas coming, I'm doing my best to respond to all of you in between raiding and upgrading my not-gjallahorns haha



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