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This is the fourth and final letter to Atheon. [i] Dear Atheon, Do robots have muscles? I see you flex all the time, but I thought your kind don't have muscles. Anyways, why do you act like you send us to the past and the future? Because if you really sent us to the future, wouldn't you already be dead? So as soon as you send us to the future, we should get the loot from you, because technically your already dead in the past (Not the past past, but the present, but not the present we are in now since you sent us to the future.) Anyways, please tell your oracle to shut up, just for once in your robotic life time. How long is your robot life by the way? I'm guess not very long since you have to keep sending guardians in the past to relieve your childhood memories. You had some messed up friends. Why is it when I run through a teleporter, it won't send me back to the present? And why do I get so sleepy, I start to close my eyes unless someone wakes me up with the "Relic." I think your robot magic has a major side effect, you might want to think about using a different magic. Anyways, I hope this letter finds you well Atheon. P.S. I knew you were my favourite all along Atheon. Yours Truly, Brandon4K210 [/i] LETTER TO ATHEON: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTERS TO SKOLAS - COMING SOON!!! [url][/url]



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