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This is the third if four letter of Atheon. Dear Atheon, Why do you make us jump down a long scary hall? Everyone just splatters when they jump that hall for the first time. And why do you put that stupid spirit bloom chest that nobody opens? Why dont you just remove that chest and make the hall a little short and a little less confusing? Moving on to Gorgon. Why is it that the Gorgon thinks it that us guardians are it prey? And why does it just kill us? Why can't you just keep them them on a leash? And also, why after we past the Gorgon do you make us just jump from floating pillar to pillar till we get to the bottom? Can't you just give us a very fun slide to the bottom? And what up with the gate keeper? Is it the twin brother to the templar? Why do you pick favorites? P.S. Thanks for giving us more chest than Crota... your starting become my favorite. LETTER TO ATHEON: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTERS TO SKOLAS - COMING SOON!!! [url][/url]



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