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Here is the first out of four letters to Atheon. [i]Dear Atheon, What is the difference between Minotaurs and Praetorians? I mean besides the purple glow, is there any other real difference? Also, why can't any other android of yours take over a plate, what are so special about “Praetorians?” If the androids are all controlled by the same mind, wouldn't you be able to control them and just let us in to your house? I don't think they like us entering your house, they might be jealous of us. Why are we allowed to ride our bikes in your house, wouldn't that dirty your floor? I'm sure you don't want your floors dirty, so I will stop riding my bike in your house. Why do your androids just knee at the pillars? They look kinda ridiculous just kneeing there while disappearing. And those green guys smell like someone just ate eggs and then farted all over them. They smell horrible, then they explode and I can't take the smell so I just pass out. But i'm loving the Oracles, those things know the perfect notes. But they do get kind of frustrating when they keep playing the same notes over and over, so sometimes we just want to break each and everyone of them. P.S. Is it true, if you shoot the Oracles with the perfect weapon, you will be deemed Beethoven? Yours Truly, Brandon4K210[/i] LETTER TO ATHEON: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTERS TO SKOLAS - COMING SOON!!! [url][/url]



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