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This is the fourth and last letter to Crota. Dear Crota, Why is it that we need to get next to a crystal to make you come home? I now know your minions don't want to greet us, they are trying to kill us. Why do you send your angry trolls to give us the key, just so we can bring it to you? And I thought I told you to hide those deformed thralls, they are truly hideous. It hurts me when you're angry at me and you summon your oversoul, literary and figuratively. It just grinds my gears when you get so glitchy that you kill our Keybearer for no reason. I really, really like you Crota, but if you don't change your attitude, I might have to stop coming to your house. I gave up Atheon for you, and you treat me like this, this is unacceptable. I will see you next week Crota, I just hope you can change for me. P.S. Tell Oryx I said hi. For the last time, Love Brandon4K210 LETTER TO CROTA: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTERS TO SKOLAS - COMING SOON!!! [url][/url]



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