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原先發佈於: LETTERS TO CROTA: 3 of 4
3/6/2015 11:41:12 PM
[i]Dear Brandon 4K210, if you start talking about my wife, me and you are gonna have a serious problem, the kind of problem where I head to that tower and cut you and your friends into fillets. and my wife does Rituals, I know she's faithful, I'm watch her Facebook and her phone sometimes, if she was cheating, I would know. How are you liking my Shriekers? PURPLE RAIN MOTHERF***ER JUST LIKE I SAID! I heard you hate Shriekers so I'm gonna put Shriekers on the Shriekers attached to the Shriekers and Shriek about it. and if you bothered to learn our language, her "song of Death" is actually our song of happiness, the whole killing people thing is just a side effect. as soon as she respawns, I'll have her record the song and play it full blast in the Tower, you could say it'll be a "performance to die for"... yours in slight disgust, Crota, Son of Oryx and Hive Overlord.[/i]



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