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This is the first out of four letters to Crota! [i]Dear Crota, Why is the only way to get into your house on the roof? It is such a long jump, that it hurts when we hit the ground. If you could please get a front door, it would be so much easier to get in. On another note, why don't you lighten the place up a bit, I read somewhere that if you live in the dark, you have a greater chance at becoming depressed, and I don't think those little lamps help very much. You should also try and get some air condition in there, some of your minions are exploding from heat, so just something else to think about. Also, is it necessary to activate a bridge that leads to your hallwall? Just kinda silly if you ask me. P.S. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your house, just making some suggestions. Love, Brandon4K210[/i] LETTER TO CROTA: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO CROTA: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 1 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 2 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 3 of 4: [url][/url] LETTER TO ATHEON: 4 of 4: [url][/url] LETTERS TO SKOLAS - COMING SOON!!! [url][/url]



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