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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Lord Yesua): 12/15/2014 12:22:55 AM

Destiny DLC: A Disappointment

[b]Reflections of a Cheesed off Guardian[/b] We were told they were listening. We thought they would learn from their mistakes. The DLC has shown us that Bungie are not listening and didn't learn from their mistakes. The ‘story’ missions took about an hour to complete. That’s peanuts! They were set for the most part in the same old places and we found ourselves fighting the same old enemies. This 'expansion' feels more like an 'event'. [b]Chill out! What's the problem?[/b] This game lacks content, variety, and volume. It feels empty. Don’t get me wrong, [i]the shooting and graphics are awesome[/i]. But the lack of content and variety within this game make the grind unbearable. I enjoy RPGs. I don’t mind the grind (provided there is plenty of content), but in Destiny, the grind is a miserably, depressing joke. Not even Crota's scrota finds it funny. It is a hollow of a game. No wonder players began by shooting into a hole. It has the potential to be awesome but fails to deliver with the story and the variety of content. The grind would be almost bearable if they had given us 6 new PvP maps, 5 new strikes, 10 new story missions. Instead, they gave us rehashed missions in places we've already played with the odd additional space and minimal story telling. [b]A Box of Chocolates[/b] If I buy a box of the finest chocolates, I expect the box to be full with delicious chocolate treats. When I get half a box of mouldy chocolate pieces, I'm not happy and throw a hissy fit. When I buy a video game that promises so much but gives so little, I feel cheated of my money. Bungie, where's my [i]chocolate[/i]? [b]Positives [/b] Okay, so perhaps I'm being a bit negative. It is not all doom and gloom. Over the past few months Bungie have added a lot of the ideas promoted by players and game reviews. The new missions, though brief and largely in the same old places, were fun to play. Killing Urzok the Hated with three other random Guardians was a barrel of laughs. And the last part of the Urn of Sacrifice quest was epic. I was hoping for more playable content to make the grind more enjoyable. [b]Objections and Answers[/b] [b]Objection 1:[/b] ‘Stop crying and play another game’. Answer: Look, I do love this game. The shooting and graphics are awesome. I just feel the game has failed us in so many ways with regard to story, variety and volume of content. It has so much [i]potential[/i] but feels so [i]empty[/i]. Also ... I have a right to voice my opinion. Google 'freedom of speech'. If you don't agree with what I say, don't just tell me to zip it, give me [i]reasons [/i]why you think I'm wrong. [b]Objection 2:[/b] 'You guys complain about not enough [i]new[/i] content, but then you don't want to do the [i]new[/i] content when provided'. Answer: The content provided is the same old grind, killing the same old enemies, in the same old places ... sure great [i]new[/i] content. #DoubleSpeak [b]Objection 3:[/b] 'I thought we got a fair bit of DLC for our money' (yes, people are seriously saying this). Answer: Compare the Destiny expansion with the expansions of Skyrim and Oblivion (they were huge!). Destiny has fallen short of the standard set by last gen games. Don't get me wrong, the game is good. The shooting is engaging and the graphics are beautiful. I simply expect more content to ease the monotony of the grind and make it more interesting and enjoyable. I don't get why people are opposed to the idea of more playable content. It is weird. [b]Objection 4:[/b] ‘Quit whining and hating on Destiny’. Answer: In fact, I love this game. I want to see it get better and realise its potential. Surely you want the same? [b]Objection 5:[/b] ‘Don’t comment till you've done the raid’. Answer: That is another can of worms. A social based game like Destiny should include within itself the in-game mechanics to encourage social activity. Where is the in-game LFG forum for making teams to do the raid? Seems like a glaring omission to me. Even so, why can’t I comment on the story missions and the strike when I've played them? [b]Objection 6:[/b] 'It is more DLC than what CoD usually offers'. Answer: The problem is FPS CoD players don't see how empty this expansion is compared with what MMO and RPG players have come to expect from expansions. Destiny is a strange hybrid ... a jack of all trades ... Given the MMO/RPG aspects, I thought the expansion would substantially add to the game's playable content to make the grind more enjoyable. I think that this was a fair expectation. [b]LIKE[/b] and [b]BUMP[/b] if you agree. [b]Thanks for all the support! Cheers Guardians![/b] [b]600+ likes and a load of bumps!! [/b]

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