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Изменено (GambitCannon): 11/4/2014 7:32:07 PM

I can't even play this game anymore!

I have tried everything that any regular Joe is capable of. I went to the above link and tried "reconfiguring" what has been suggested. I've spent hours of my down time just trying to play with my friends, and I've met many since I bought this game. Since the last "patch" (whatever that even means anymore), my connection to Destiny has gotten worse and worse and nothing that I do makes it better. I have been getting a message saying that my NAT is set to strict and it needs to be open. I tried running through the directions to change that and it fixes nothing, or makes it so my PS3 can't even connect. Port forwarding does nothing for my connection. I have kept up with the forums and I see nothing new besides people having the same issues that I'm having and you guys say that there are new steps to fix these issues with "our" internet issues. And some are actually saying that I need to get a different router, or buy other equipment to make things stable? I can't believe that! I bought this $60 game, then the $35 expansion pack after I played for a few weeks with little issues. This is a game that was working just fine before the latest patch... I'm losing my patience with these connection issues and I am losing out on playing an awesome game. I feel like I'm on the back burner, guys. It's been over a week and I'm getting nowhere and absolutely 0 replies that are worth a thing. I spent money on this game, why do I need to work on my internet settings just to play it.

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