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10/25/2014 6:43:13 PM

Help with Destiny multiplayer

So, Destiny itself seems to be working fine. I log in, I get my character pulled up, and I can access everything from the tower, to any planet, etc. However, the one thing missing is... everyone else. My world has literally become single-player, and there's nothing I've tried that seems to fix it. The tower is empty, when I queue for a strike, I'll wait for a while and then it'll send me on my own, when I queue for the crucible, I just sit there forever and nothing happens. This only started yesterday, and I actually have a really good internet connection (50mbps, open NAT, 1g ethernet connection to router). I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, as I can actually see my Xbox Live friends online, but when I send a fireteam request, it seems that no one is able to answer. I've become isolated. Has anyone else encountered this issue or know a fix? I've googled it repeatedly, but there's nothing I've come across that sounds like my issue. Please help!

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