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Изменено (Jesh425): 9/27/2014 4:09:02 AM

This is really pissing me off, is my account bugged or something??

So just these past couple days every time I put Destiny in to play it goes and installs the game like it did when I first started playing, it got annoying so I asked on the forums and no on responded and dug farther and to find out I had to clear the system cache on my Xbox 360 about five times and try again, did that and it worked for a bit go into the game, but then the sound started to skip out when I was in the tower and in orbit and now when im into orbit going to planet it just says can't read game content and takes me back to the dashboard like it cant read the disc, it only has started doing this since I cleared my system cache, so it my Xbox 360 or is my account bugged or something? Its just annoying now! I have an Xbox 360 250 gb that I bought last year so its still new and it can read other games and play them so I don't know if its the laser or what.

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