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10 SAS, 10 SEALS, 10 Spetsnaz, 10 KSK, 10 GIGN VS 5 Spartan II's

Special Forces Group


Spartan II's


Nuke from orbit


So, obviously taking the idea from the other thread, who would win in this fight? Special Forces have all their usual equipment to each team and weapons along with AP ammunition. Spartan's have MJLONIR MARK IV (no shields) and can choose from Assault Rifles/SMG's, Battle Rifles/DMR's, Shotguns, Snipers and Grenades. Both groups have no support, making it a straight up firefight. Scenario? Straight up urban fight in [url=]this type of terrain[/url]. Let's say 2x2 blocks. Each team starts on either side. Who wins this epic of the moderns best versus the futures best?

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