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The Long (Muddy) Road to Moscow in Pictures

Above- German motorcycle reconnaissance trudges through the thick mud somewhere in the Soviet Union 1941 [url][/url] -A panzer 3 and Panzer 2 being dug out of the mud somewhere in the Soviet Union 1941, it was common for these vehicles to become trapped because of there thin tracks. [url][/url] -A German supply convoy becomes stuck in the snow and mud only making a bad situation much much worse. [url][/url] -German trucks and what appears to be a captured T-34 being dug out of the mud. [url][/url] -A German convoy and personnel standing around in the mud, either stuck or ran out of fuel. [url][/url] -German horse drawn carriages appear to be faring better in the mud than there mechanized comrades. Despite the myth stating the German army was mechanized it was actually quite the opposite, the majority of German logistics depended on horses! [url][/url] -A trapped Opel blitz is pushed upon by its crew. These pictures are incredible! you really get a sense of what the Germans had to deal with regarding the "Rapsuitsa" (The Russian word for the rain that turns roads into mush and mud). As some pictures show once the snow and freezing cold started to set in later in 41 they basically grounded to a halt, even the tanks couldn't get through forget about there logistics such as trucks! Heres the thread with all the picutres, its a great website filled with a lot of authors on the second World War- [url][/url]

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