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Looking for a new clan to call home?

The Little Light Tavern is open! Are you someone who needs a clan to call home? Returning from a long break or new to the game and need some guidance? Have high social anxiety or need a place to feel comfortable working through things at your own pace? The Little Light Tavern welcomes everyone from new lights to paragons and all other guardians alike to join our clan! We are a small, new clan with active and seasoned members. With our main focus being on PvE, our clan runs all types of content ranging from getting your guardian rank up, title chasing, legendary and exotic missions, normal and master dungeons, grand masters, raids, even older content like Story Missions; we will happily take you through activities step by step as we all reach greater heights together! We do run PvP and can do competitive modes with you as well, but we are still based on having fun. *We are an accepting, nontoxic clan and we ask that everyone is respectful and refrains from toxic behavior; welcoming of people with social anxieties and are LGBT friendly. We aim to have fun and make good memories. If this sounds like the clan for you, join us while we prepare to enter The Final Shape! **While discord is not required, we strongly urge everyone to join as it is our main source of communication. Will send a discord link on request!

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