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Завтра Destiny 2 будет временно недоступна в связи с плановым техобслуживанием. Следите за новостями @BungieHelp.

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5/18/2024 4:51:41 PM

[✦] Tired of Being Excluded? Join Shadows of Calus Today! [✦]

[b] Who We Are: [/b] We are the Shadows of Calus, transcending beyond a mere clan. As steadfast loyalists to Emperor Calus, we unite as a formidable family of champions. Spanning the vast expanses of the Destiny 2 universe, our thousands of active members are ever-present, and our diligent staff are available around the clock to provide assistance for anything you may need. Seeking a genuine gaming community that embraces you like family? Look no further, for the Shadows of Calus is the perfect clan to call your own. [✦]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[✦] [b] Why Join Shadows of Calus: [/b] [spoiler]The Shadows of Calus distinguishes itself from the typical Destiny 2 clan, prioritizing community above all else and manifesting this through our unique approach. Our server members enjoy a plethora of benefits, many of which are listed below. Embark on your journey with us and experience the difference that sets the Shadows of Calus apart. Check out some more reasons to join below! [b] Large Player Base: [/b] We boast an active and engaged player base with more than 2500 members, which means you'll always have someone to team up with, participate in activities, or simply chat about the game. [b] Sherpa (Teaching) Program: [/b] SoC has the best sherpa program. The perfect place to learn a new activity as a beginner or to get those sherpa credits as a veteran. Best of all, it isn’t locked behind SoC clan membership! [b] Diverse Interests: [/b] Our clan server embraces players with different gaming preferences, from PvE enthusiasts to PvP experts, ensuring a rich and varied experience for everyone involved. [b] Customized Events: [/b] We organize unique and tailored events that cater to our members' interests, providing a fresh and engaging gaming experience that stands out from other Destiny 2 clans. These events are posted weekly, and members can schedule their own! [b] Resource Hub: [/b] Our server is a one-stop-shop for all your Destiny 2 needs, offering a wealth of resources, guides, and tools to help you excel in the game and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. [b] Giveaways: [/b] Who doesn't love free stuff? We hold weekly giveaways where you can win Discord Nitro, Destiny 2 merchandise, emblems, and even expansions! [b] Constructive Feedback: [/b] We encourage a culture of continuous improvement, where members can give and receive constructive feedback on their gameplay, helping everyone grow and enhance their skills. [b] Visit our official website for more information about us [/b] - [/spoiler] [✦]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[✦] [b] How to Join Shadows of Calus: [/b] [b] Step 1: [/b] Upvote this post to help others discover our amazing community. Leave a thoughtful comment if you'd like to go the extra mile! [b] Step 2: [/b] Join our Discord server using this link: [b] Step 3: [/b] A friendly staff member will welcome you and guide you through our various clans. Choose one, inform the staff member, and you'll be accepted-it’s that easy! [✦]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[✦] [b] Still Undecided? [/b] You're welcome to join our Discord server and take advantage of our vast benefits without committing to the clan. Ask questions and experience our camaraderie - we'll treat you as one of our own. Give us a try! [✦]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[✦]

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