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4/21/2024 2:05:50 AM

Don’t join a “be chill” LFG team if you’re not chill at all…

Long story short, I posted for an LFG team just to farm and listen to some tunes. It was “Legend/ Wave 10 farming/ be chill plz” One of my team mates was a stasis Hunter, the other a Solar warlock. The solar warlock IMMEDIATELY started calling the stasis Hunter useless before we even started. The solar warlock Popped his well on a bunch of exploder shanks and died, then yelled at the stasis Hunter for it. The stasis Hunter popped his super and got yelled at for his super being “too slow” He then said “I’m getting to wave 10 and leaving, this is awful” When the activity ended I chose to speak my mind and said “hey man, that was a little too much do you mind backing out” He then started calling me names, I don’t want to list them here, but know they were along the lines of actual hate speech. The ironic part of the story is, the Stasis Hunter really didn’t do that bad… it was just a chill farming fireteam. Not a sweaty one.

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