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2/25/2024 9:29:45 AM

Unable to play since 5 months due to CABBAGE error

I have not been able to play Destiny 2 since late September. Every time I try to load into a destination, I get a "cabbage" error and get thrown back to orbit. I've followed the steps from the CABBAGE error help page. Among other things, I've tried: - Cleaned steam cache - Reinstalled the game - Changed my UPNP settings - Changed my Port forwarding settings - Updated my router firmware - Tried another connection (WiFi, instead of wired, but same network/modem/router) - Tried another external connection (mobile network instead of my ususal ISP connection) - Installed game on another PC The only thing that "worked" was creating a new Steam account and trying to play through that, and to my suprprise this worked flawlessly, which led me to believe that my account was banned (didn't receive any info about that) or shadow banned, as all the reproduction steps at this point CLEARLY pointed to an issue with my account. I have created a ticket requesting a ban overturn, and was one of the lucky ones that actually got a response (after almost 2 months) and was informed that there are no active restrictions on my account. I'm not really posting this message expecting the issue to be fixed for me at this point, but if we don't post these reports, Bungie will not prioritize this, so if you have a similar issue, spend 5 minutes on creating a ticket, it's the only way to put some visibility on the issue, and some pressure on Bungie.

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