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2/22/2024 6:48:19 PM

[Open To All] New UK/US Based Clan

Hello fellow guardians, We are Void a new UK/US based clan. We previously used to be co leaders of a much larger clan (about 1000 members) but due to inactivity of many members the server was shut down by the leader as it wasn't very active anymore due to the state of the game, we missed the community of having a clan of that size and missed meeting new people so we decided to start up void, we thrive on helping new lights and veterans coming back to the game. We have dedicated members who teach Raids. We participate in all aspects of the game including end-game content, actively running Grandmaster Nightfalls, Hard Mode Challenges & Trials of Osiris. If this sounds like a clan you would want to be apart of please feel free to join and introduce yourself we would love to have you join our ranks, we hope this leads to a new long standing friendship. Read below to see how to join. How to join: 1. Upvote this post so even more guardians can join. 2. Choose a clan from the list below and apply. 3. Join our community Discord - 4. Check out our Welcome/Rules and feel free to make an introduction so we can get to know you. Please see below links for our active clans: Void Necromancers (VNMC) - Open Void Shadowknights (VSKS) - Open Void Shadowqueens (VSQS) - Open

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