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2/19/2024 6:18:00 AM

Hawkmoona Matata [21+] is seeking endgame players! All platforms welcome!

[b][u]About us:[/u][/b] We're a Destiny 2 clan founded by players with five Day 1/Contest Mode completions, looking for like-minded individuals to join our community! We're a tight-knit group of [21+] players, whose goal is to create and foster a positive gaming environment without any needless drama. ([i]Hawkmoona Matata, afterall![/i]) We hope to keep our community relatively small and intimate, but to also have multiple successful Day 1 teams in the long-term, and aid newer players in reaching their full potential. While we're primarily focused on PvE, we do dabble at all content Destiny has to offer. We enjoy raiding in every capacity (Normal, Master, Day 1, Flawless, triumph runs, etc.), title seeking, pinnacle activities, GMs, and on occasion Trials, Comp, and Iron Banner. The majority of us are EST based, and are most active during weekday evenings and weekends. (Scheduled activities typically start around 8:30 PM EST.) [b]We are currently only recruiting active Guardians wanting to delve into raiding (especially Master) on a regular basis, or are interested in participating in the next upcoming Contest Mode.[/b] [b][u]What you can expect from us:[/u][/b] 💠 Helpful players to assist you in reaching your Destiny-oriented goals (whether this be learning raids, earning titles, improving your gameplay... whatever the case may be!) 💠 A safe space to relax, socialize, and make friends 💠 Have multiple opportunities a week to complete group-related activities 💠 Optional social and holiday community events to partake in, both inside and outside of Destiny 💠 Your criticism and feedback on how we can improve (as both a clan and Discord server) will always be valued and taken into consideration [b][u]What we expect from you:[/u][/b] 💠 You use Discord! (This is how we regularly socialize and organize events) 💠 You are 21+ years of age, and can treat others with mutual respect and kindness 💠 Show patience and compassion towards others who may be learning something for the first time 💠 Refrain from doing anything that could potentially result in a ban, or reflect poorly amongst your peers 💠 Participate in clan activities once in a while (we want to get to know you!) If you'd like more information about us, or would like to join our humble community, feel free to reach out to any of the following members via Discord: [b]Sinblade#1458[/b] ([b]sinblade[/b]), [b]Andrea#2491[/b] ([b].villainess.[/b]), [b]Lich#7817[/b] ([b]lichhhhhh[/b]), or [b]Legend_OZ#2783[/b] ([b]legend_oz[/b]). (Parenthesis indicate the recently updated, unique usernames.) Our Bungie link can be found [url=]here[/url].

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