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1/26/2024 2:36:57 PM

Destiny on 360 and XSX consoles question

I read through the Legacy console FAQ and think I know what the answer is but I thought I'd ask anyway, before I did something potentially stupid with my characters. I recently bought Destiny for the 360, just to mess around with it on that console. For some stupid reason, it didn't even dawn on me that my characters from Destiny would show up as I've been playing it on the XB1/XSX since it came out. Anyway, I was hoping to start afresh on the 360 with new characters, replay the story from the beginning, and such. To that end, I want to delete my characters from the 360 as I have 3 already and can't create a new one. Were I to delete a character on the legacy server, will the same character on the current server remain? I'm sure it will [b]not[/b] delete my XSX character but I want to make sure, as deleting my current server characters is something I don't want to do.

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