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Destiny 2

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12/2/2023 9:30:26 PM

Crucible is just a miserable experience.

It's just terrible you can't spend more that 3 games without just absolutely hating life in almost any mode. It's just a constant sweat fest of everyone only using meta guns with meta build with meta this and that playing like they in it for money. there are no "chill modes" even modes like relic are just a pure sweat to play. After taking a break for obvious reasons of how bungie works, I wanted to get thorn catalyst and the fasted mode if obviously crucible and I could only play 2 games before just closing the game entirely. Everyone just leaves at the slightest they start losing, people only run around with the same 3 guns (rose matador beloved) that we have had for like the last 5 seasons. It's just miserable to play if you want to just chill and play some pvp because you'll just get stomped by someone trying like they are on the main stage for no reason. Could say sbmm is to blame but it's not only that it's just how terrible the crucible is as a whole and giving us a few different maps in the future will not change that. if you're a good player and maintain that good kd or whatever you're more punished to play crucible than if you're a not good player maintaining a .8 kd which results in reverse boosting and so on. This is just an absolute rant of pvp as a whole used to be my favorite mode to play but has just turned into a terrible expertise trying to "protect" bad players by punishing the above average players. There is 0 fun in pvp unless you have below a .8 kd or a 2 kd and above.

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