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впервые опубликовано в: Crucible is just a miserable experience.
Изменено (Sukkon, Kell of Deez): 12/3/2023 7:02:59 PM
Yeah.... I love PvP, alright... but I won't even step foot into this disaster. That should say it all. This is coming from someone who maintained 2.5 KD last season for regular crucible and a 2.62 in Iron Banner. Removing basic game modes such as Control and Clash is just idiotic. They should be around 100% of the time, no questions asked. Iron Banner should NEVER have a stupid gimmick mode attached to it, especially because it has its own loot pool with weapons that only come up every so often. Like I have no issues farming Banner for getting my Feeding Frenzy/Destabilizing Heros Burden... but not through Momentum or whatever asinine mode they want me to play.

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