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Destiny 2

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12/2/2023 5:47:40 AM

Restoration nerfs, class nerfs, mod nerfs, orb nerfs.

After completing the newest dungeon on all of my characters and experiencing the nerfs in new content, I have some things to say. Hammer nerf feels absolutely horrible and nearly unusable personally IN COMPARISON to your other options on Titan. You effectively have killed solar Titan, for general use, in combination with the nerfs to restoration and bonk. It's just not as useful as it once was, which leads you to just getting off of the subclass, which ultimately is disappointing. Next, I would like to talk about the mod nerfs with percentages and what not when picking up orbs. You already nerfed the production of orbs, insanely at that, and now orbs also barely give any value to ability generation which leads to the same problem as before where you just replace the mods with better ones, recuperation, better already, etc. There is more I could talk about with other subclasses, but I think the hammer nerf is the most noticeable. I believe the loot change with the Coil this season makes gameplay feel so rewarding and actually worth my time, which is something I haven't felt in quite a while. But it almost feels like you're actively trying to make Strand the best subclass, almost like a pay to win expansion of content. Ability generation nerfs just make you feel sluggish, makes certain combination of classes/subclasses unusable or impractical in activities with challenge, where I feel you should be working toward making other subclasses feel as powerful as the most used ones. No one expected or wanted a nerf to so many aspects this season. The game felt good and you would have nothing but good reception for this season, but these nerfs feel really bad and unnecessary. Thanks for reading if you made it this far :)

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