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Изменено (DarkMinion): 12/5/2023 4:17:50 AM

The Titan Exotic Glaive Edge of Action Changes Is a Huge NERF

There's a link of a video on Youtube shows how the tiny bubble got destroyed by an unstoppable champion in like 2-3 seconds, it was captured during a 1830 Nightfall this season. For those who did not use this weapon before, Edge of Action's bubble used to have 8000hp, which makes it very tanky, even in endgame activity like GM. But after the new season launch, it received a changes to have a stackable 5% damage buff and small amount of reload and handling boost, but the health of the tiny bubble got reduced from 8000 to 2400, which is a 70% reduction of the health, Bungie team said these changes is for high end contents. Now let's talk about the 2400 health, with these amount of health, it can't even tank a wyvern's attacks with a full duration from a normal difficulty activity, in high end contents it just breaks in like 2 seconds after you deploy it. Is this really a high end contents changes after all? Some people might say, at least it received a 5% stackable damage buff. But hey, the buff is only there if your void overshield that gained by the tiny bubble doesn't go off, which means if the void overshield you gain from tiny bubble breaks, the buff you gain is gone, even if you try to regain the overshield from other sources like "Bastion" aspect, you will not get the buff again unless you walk back in to the tiny bubble to get it. In real case scenario, you are in a dps phrase to a raid boss and the raid boss is consistently attacking you, do you really have a time to leave the well and walk in to the tiny bubble every time you lose the void overshield which just disappear in a second? This is not a buff to Edge of Action, this is a huge nerf. To be honestly, I don't care if we have the damage buff, if it is stackable or not, or the reload and handling speed, just give me back the 8000 health tiny bubble with none of these buffs is fine for me.

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