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9/29/2023 7:49:36 PM

Stuttering, lags, and freezing

PLATFORM: Steam SYSTEM INFO: CPU: 12th gen i7-12700 GPU: Geforce rtx 3060 RAM: 16gb ddr4 GPU Driver Version: 537.42 OS Version: windows 11 ISP Provider/Speed (upload/download) / Connection Type (LAN or wireless): (5up/55down) wlan DxDiag: ISSUE: game has been getting increasing worse about stuttering and freezing REPRO STEPS possible: turn on game, play for 2 minutes, first freeze. This continues until game is unplayable NOTES: i can sometimes make it through an activity but not really, the freezing and staggering become to intense. this has gotten progressively worse over the last few weeks. i have verified the integrity multiple times. move the game off an external and onto c:, closed every possible program while running, dropped all settings to lowest possible (game looks like a potato), cleared the cache and temp files. i have no problem running autocad 3d software or any other intensive program. prior to this starting i could play destiny on 1 monitor have dim open on another, answer emails bw games without a hiccup
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