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10/1/2023 7:18:20 PM

Steam account Cross Save authentication Issues / Cannot disabled Cross Save to relogg

About 3 or 4 years ago, I linked my Steam account to my Bungie profile (created on Playstation at the time of Destiny 1) using the "Cross-Platform Save" tool on the Bungie website. A few days ago, I came back to the game and I'm having a bit of a problem: I can't access my characters from Steam at all, even though the account is visible in the Cross Save dashboard. I created an Xbox Microsoft account as a test to see if the association of another account was also a problem, I had access to all my characters, quests, etc.. Then I tried to disable Cross Save by authenticating my accounts, the Playstation was correctly authenticated as was the Xbox Microsoft, but when I did the same for the Steam account I got a redundant error message "The account you are trying to verify is not associated with the account you are currently logged in with. Please try again with your associated account for this platform." So I logged into Bungie via Steam to see what it was like, I got two suggestions "Create a new profile or "Associate with an existing profile". I chose existing profile, followed the instructions on the form, only to get an error message saying that the Steam account was already associated in Cross Save with my Bungie account (Playstation) and that it had to be deactivated in order to proceed with this manoeuvre. It's like a snake biting its own tail, because the account is obviously correctly associated, but I can't authenticate or unlink it, let alone access my in-game items. I'm starting the game again from 0 with the character choice. Do you have any solutions? I've contacted Steam too. Thanks ! Laura

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