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10/26/2020 5:11:04 AM

When to Infuse and Gaining a Stock of Materials

I started playing this game last month as a free to play player and over that time I have wasted a ton of materials and hit many roadblocks, but have now hit a 1050 (current soft cap) gear score. I'm wondering what I should do about powering up the gear I want to use (For example, stuff that is strong in ways other then power level and things that look good). I know the season is almost over, so I'll just have to grind to a new soft cap soon, so that brings me to my other question. What should I do now to get plenty of materials and gear going into the new season? I'm not worried about anything that's going away at this point, I just want to make sure I can get up to level and then get my good stuff up to that point when the new season arrives. With no DLC, not much time and not much experience, I need help with this and many other things, if anyone can oblige.

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